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Artist-in-Residence Program

Creative Paradox's Artist-in-Residence Program identifies emerging artists and creates spaces for them to wrestle with deep questions of art, faith, and humanity while working in community with each other. It is our goal to equip the creative community to generate art work that reflects the Original Creator by embodying truth, beauty, and goodness. We believe this will inspire all people to search for truth, beauty, and goodness in their own lives, ultimately helping reveal God's story in our own realities.

Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR):

  • A 5 month competitive residency which focuses on the spiritual, artistic, and community development of artists.
  • 20 hours a week developing artistic voice in preparation for a year-end outreach exhibit.
  • 10 hours a month doing community outreach programs 
  • One-on-one consistent and regular meetings with Director for development
  • Monthly critiques with fellow artists / director / visiting artists
  • Monthly dinners / hangouts inviting the greater artist community
  • Quarterly artists' talks / seminars / critiques

CPX AIR 2014: Abby from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

CPX AIR 2014: Alzaruba from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

CPX AIR 2014: Kathleen from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

CPX AIR 2014: Kyle from Creative Paradox on Vimeo.

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