About CPX

About CPX

Cultivating a vibrant network of artists who glorify God and impact culture.

Creative Paradox has an investment to see artists creating a more beautiful world and engaging in the culture around them. We believe that artists are "culture makers" who, when invested in, can impact a dehumanized world, turning it toward a world that is full of hope and fully human.

We all long for meaning and purpose in our lives; we desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Most of our stories are full of brokenness and fragmentation where we end up being just a mere glimpse of the original creation we were meant to be.  Art and creativity can serve as a universal language to discuss these issues of dehumanization and brokenness. We want to see artists and the creative community lead a movement that brings us out of despair--toward redemption and restoration.

“Here at CPX there is a nudge when you need it, a full fledge push when you might not want it but still need it, and there is a love that exists behind it all. Being apart of the Creative Paradox community,  has produced sensitivity in my heart that allows me to be honest with my work, and with God.” - Lee Nowell

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